About Allison Williford

Writer. Bipolar Warrior.

Allison studied English and Creative Writing with a concentration in fiction, and she now writes a blend of Women’s Fiction and Mystery with a touch of romance. She also lives with Type I Bipolar Disorder with Psychosis. Surviving two suicide attempts, she advocates for suicide prevention and mental health awareness. She currently has one book available, The Days Without You, which is available in print and ebook forms on Amazon.


Mental Health

After unknowingly struggling for some time, Allison was diagnosed with Bipolar in August 2008 after her first suicide attempt. Since then, she has been through thirteen hospitalizations, TMS treatments, and ECT (electroconvulsive therapy).


Freelance editor. Full-time writer. Previously worked in the marketing industry. Also runs The Lithium Writer podcast.


An avid reader, Allison started writing for fun in her teens. As an adult, she began writing a blend of Sweet Romance and Women’s Fiction. At the age of 31, she finished her Bachelor’s in English and Creative Writing with a concentration in Fiction.


Having grown up in upstate New York, Allison now lives in South Carolina with her husband.