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Welcome! My name is Allison, and as you probably guessed already, I’m just a thirty-something writer living with mental illness. Professionally, I am a copywriter and editor specializing in SEO.

As if I don’t get in enough writing and content creation time at work, I write Mystery and Romantic Suspense novels on the side. Currently, I have no books available but am working on revamping The Sound of Snap Dragons and writing the first draft of my upcoming Romantic Suspense, The Black Death Legacy. 

I also do freelance copy editing, proofreading, manuscript critiques, content creation, and free book reviews. You can find pricing on my Services page. I’m working on upping my editing game by taking a self-paced course from the Editorial Freelancers Association.

Here at The Lithium Writer, you’ll find information on various topics regarding the craft of writing. If you’ve been here before, you’ve probably seen some of the mental health articles. As of March, 2023, I am no longer placing a heavy focus on mental health on the blog. There will still be some mental health articles here and there, but my main focus will be on writing and my journey through self-publishing.

Below, you’ll find some author recommendations and some useful resources. None of these are paid sponsorships, partnerships, or influenced in any way. They are just writers and authors I look up to.

Allison Williford

Allison Williford

Professionally, Allison works as a copywriter specializing in SEO. She has worked in the marketing industry since 2018 after graduating summa cum laude with her B.A. in English and Creative Writing.

In her spare time, she writes mysteries and romantic suspense. While no books are currently available, she offers editing, critique, and content creation services.

Allison is also an advocate for mental health awareness and suicide prevention. She has participated in several Out of the Darkness walks to fundraise for AFSP (American Foundation for Suicide Prevention) and has given local interviews about her experience with treatment for mental illness.

Author Recommendations

Click the above image to check out Lissa Matthew's selection of Contemporary and Paranormal Romance!

Lissa Matthews: If the Cake Don’t Rise

Bryce Campbell is a normal, steady guy. He works, he bowls, he has a collection of classic rock tee shirts. What he is not, is the guy who makes rash decisions, colors outside the lines, or falls in love with the first tattooed, pink haired artist he meets.

Nope. That’s not him. Until it is.

Shelley Criss lives life on her own terms. She follows her gut, does what feels right, and keeps things easy. She doesn’t do drama, lose her head or heart over a man, and she definitely doesn’t fall for the quintessential beige guy who walks into Construct Cakery to pay for a wedding cake he no longer needs.

Nope. That’s not her. Until it is.

One look. One impulsive move. One kiss…

That’s all it takes for Bryce and Shelley to discover love really can happen in an instant.

Jenn A. Morales: A Born Angel 

Lashdanôke, the Hidden City was meant to be the perfect place for Preternaturals to live free of the animosity of the Human Race. As the Return to Earth approaches, unrest sets in as the perfect façade fades and one girl is thrust into the spotlight after a series of unfortunate events.

    Young Kalista Iliana Angelic is a straight-A student who does her best to stay out of trouble, but she has a knack for being in the wrong place at just the right time. When she agrees to spy on her sister for her mother, she ends up in the quarantined Death Demon Sector and her life is forever changed.

Click the image to check out Jenn A. Morales' selection!

Favorite Writing Resources

If you haven’t visited K.M. Weiland’s site yet, you’re missing out. She has amazing series on a variety of topics related to writing, from archetypes to story structure. She also has a podcast series if you’re an auditory learner. Looking to go from pantser to planner? (Or just want to check out story structure?) This is the best site I have found to learn about narrative structure.

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With a fantastic blog and their own favorite resources for fiction writing, Writers Helping Writers is a wonderful fountain of knowledge. They offer a variety of topics related to writing and publishing, so the useful information doesn’t stop once you’ve completed your manuscript.

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One Stop for Writers is a subscription website that offers a ton of resources and “thesauruses,” such as the Emotion Thesaurus, Negative Traits, Physical Features, and more. While you can get some of the resources without a subscription, this is a site worth investing in.

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